Hair loss that occurs during chemotherapy treatment can be psychologically devastating. It is an outward and obvious sign of sickness, has a dramatic effect on the person’s appearance and confidence, and for some represents a loss of femininity.

A top priority of the Cancer Support House is to help women find a new look in a professional and private setting. Our in-house specially-designed beauty suite provides styling services (head shavings, wig care instructions, turban tying demonstrations, etc.) and resources including wigs, hats, and turbans. Although the beauty suite is primarily used by adult women, it is also used by young girls. A $2,500 grant from the Arkansas Cancer Coalition has provided over 50 new wigs for our salon as well as wig heads that allow for proper at-home storage and care for the wigs.

Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation provides grant funding to the Support House for the Peer 2 Peer Support Group for Prostate Cancer Survivors.

The Donald Reynolds Cancer Support House is proud to a recipient of The Degen Foundation grant funding. Our grant current grant funding assists patients with critical dental services needed during cancer treatment.

The Donald W. Reynolds Cancer Support House Breast Cancer Support Program provides a wide range of services for breast cancer patients, including social services navigation, transportation assistance, wigs/hats/turbans, massage therapy, and much more.  The two portions of the program receiving financial support from the Ozark Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure include mastectomy supplies and support groups. This grant provides funding for 11 weeks of support groups (or 33 sessions). These groups are facilitated by licensed counselors and provide a place for women to learn, share, cry, and celebrate together.