Doctors tell me that people who continue to work while fighting cancer tend to do better.

For the past six months, I have worked hard, played hard and prayed harder.

Work for me means spending my time performing tasks that give me purpose and make a difference.  My job at The City Wire does just that.  When I am at work, I am so busy that I just don’t have a minute to think about cancer.  The mental challenge my job provides my mind a healthy occupation.  Being successful in a job pumps energy into me and helps me feel like I am going to live forever.  Yes, I get tired but mentally working makes me feel fit as a fiddle.

I also work at being physically health.  Frequent exercise is work.  The dedication of time in an already busy schedule means that I love myself enough to grant the time to strengthen my body.   I eat pretty good (could do better) and I get rest.  Taking care of my body enables me to be physically fit to fight.

Play time is budgeted every day.  I have fun with my co-workers.  We laugh.  I have fun with my family.  We laugh.  And I have acres of fun with my friends.  We laugh a lot!  Laughter is a proven prescription for emotional and physical healing.   Vacations are a good thing, too.  Taking a time out from reality refreshes my spirit and charges my battery.  You can count on me being always fit to have fun!

Prayer is my constant.  Fighting a disease that is working to steal my life has improved my prayer life.  Praising God each morning starts my day and each night I fall asleep in conversation with my maker.  JC is my friend.  When no one is around and I start feeling a touch of fear, I start telling Him how thankful I am for the life He has given me and the people who have left a positive imprint in my world.  And yes, I do ask for the favor of health.  Prayer provides peace.  I encourage conversations with God.  Get spiritually fit with my friend, JC.

Today, if you really want to feel better, stop whining and get busy making a difference, work your body, laugh out loud and talk to God.  I promise doing all these things will diminish whatever ails you.

Get fit for life!  Tick Tock!